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The new generation of travelers is more apprehensive about the social and environmental issues of their holiday destination. Tourism grows by rapidly every year globally and thereby that affects communities and societies everywhere with overcrowding, overdevelopment, pollution and threats to wildlife, biodiversity and culture as well as the social set-up of local communities. Tourism can generate benefits across local communities but only if it is done in a smart, responsible and sustainable way.
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Giving a little back
People believe there is a moral obligation to give a little back to the communities in which they travel. The Discovery Footprints Network was founded by an online charity project to do just that. How does it work? When you purchase a package with us, we allocate 01 US$, Euro or GBP for our Responsible Travel projects. You also can choose a project and add on your tiny donation directly.. Here are the current projects that we are funding.

SOS Children’s Villages Sri Lanka
SOS Children's Villages of Sri Lanka is a social development organization that has been active in the field of children's rights and committed to children's needs and concerns since 1981.

This is Koshila’s Story for you, Koshila the eldest child reveals her experience thus - “After my mother’s death, there was no one to look after us. I knew my mother was dead but I was waiting for my father to come and accompany us, but he never came to visit us. My younger sister and brother were crying for my mother and father because they had lost love, the only hope of survival. I prepared meals and fed them the way I was able to do so with what was leftover in our little house. We spent some days without proper meals.  We spent fearful nights. My sister and brother were screaming at nights very often. I had to spend a long time to pacify them.
After coming to SOS children’s village, we got a home, a caring Amma (The most affectionate Sinhala term for mother), and also many brothers and sisters.” 

Koshila, Iresha, and Hashan took some time to share their thoughts with their newly found brothers and sisters, as they were doubtful of acceptance. The only person in whom they had trust was their mother in the SOS Family to whom they went always, seeking comfort.  Koshila being the elder sister in the family had had compassionately looked after her brother and sister, allowing them not to feel that they were completely isolated. This was before they found their new home in the SOS Family. 

Big helping hand
“A safe loving family is essential to a child just as food, clothes and shelter”, said Sunethra, their SOS Mother.  “When I saw them, I saw the children who needed to be loved.  I was feeling compassionate towards them and wanted to help them.  It was not so easy but the eldest child - Koshila was a big helping hand to me as she had previous experience”.   

Soon they realized that they had been gifted with a new mother and a new home. New hopes were blooming in their lives and they began to experience love and care, which they had lost in the past. Koshila and her brother and sister have begun schooling now. Fears are no more and their lives are filled with new hopes now.”

There are more Children like Koshila at SOS Children’s Villages, waiting for your support to make their innocent lives beautiful… Please hold hands with us to help a child in need and who deserves a second chance in life…

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